Senior Research Scientist- Fire Dynamics and Modeling

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Research - Research Scientist

Overview - External

FM Global is a leading property insurer of the world's largest businesses, providing more than one-third of FORTUNE 1000-size companies with engineering-based risk management and property insurance solutions. FM Global helps clients maintain continuity in their business operations by drawing upon state-of-the-art loss-prevention engineering and research; risk management skills and support services; tailored risk transfer capabilities; and superior financial strength. To do so, we rely on a dynamic, culturally diverse group of employees, working in more than 100 countries, in a variety of challenging roles.


FM Global Research is the driving force behind our property loss-prevention engineering and understanding of the hazards our clients face. FM Global has been the leader in property loss-prevention research for more than 175 years.


As part of our research department, you’ll work alongside other researchers and independently to understand emerging property loss-prevention hazards, quantify real-world scenarios, and develop new ways to protect against today’s property-loss threats. You’ll also work on implementation, evaluation, and development of techniques—including computer models and experiments—and present your findings to make strategic and beneficial advancements in risk mitigation.

Responsibilities - External

The purpose of this position is to develop new scientific knowledge, engineering technologies, and engineering solutions to problems in fire protection, which can be used and applied by FM Global for the prevention or control of industrial property loss. The primary responsibilities of the position are to plan, conduct, and communicate results of research projects in support of the critical business needs of FM Global.


The position is expected to function as part of a dynamic team of scientists to develop and validate physics-based, practical models of fire growth and suppression as related to industrial and commercial fire scenarios. Key areas of research include the Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modeling of fire and its induced flows, convective and radiative heat transfer, soot formation and oxidation, atomization and transport of droplets, radiation interaction of water droplet/vapor with gas phase flame, and other related combustion and suppression phenomena. The position is also expected to work closely with other team members to design and conduct experiments in the area of fire dynamics/suppression and analyze results.


The position is responsible for performing technically outstanding work as well as all aspects of project management including project proposals, budget, and reporting. In addition, the position is responsible for communicating and transferring research results for practical use within FM Global and, as appropriate, to outside organizations including the scientific/engineering communities and standards organizations. The position also acts as a consultant to FM Global business units as well as to insured clients.

Qualifications - External

The position requires a PhD in Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, or related fields with a strong fundamental background in multiple areas including combustion, heat transfer, fluid mechanics, multiphase flow, applied mathematics, and computational fluid dynamics (CFD).


Advanced experience in high-performance computing (HPC) and an understanding of experimental methods in thermal fluids, combustion and/or fire are also welcome.


Excellent written and verbal communication skills, as well as effective teamwork performance are required. A demonstrated ability of solving complex problems, developing new methods and algorithms, or providing innovative solutions to challenging problems is highly desirable.


Title and salary are commensurate with qualifications and experience.